04 february 2022

so lately I haven't been able to record my feels about the classes

things are crazy right now and I have a lot of stuff to worry about, apart from how tired I get after the classes end


anyways, on monday we had a review of all the topics so far on the module:

it was good, mostly answering to questions and doing exercises together with the class; it's nice to see how much they've learned, even though they're still beginners

anyways it was my last class as an auxiliary teacher for my friend, who mentored me through this first step in the company


it was my first class as an auxiliary teacher for a different main teacher, whom I did not know beforehand

he's quite knowledgeable in general, but I'm not much of a fan of his way of teaching, if I'm being honest

of course, we'll work together for three more weeks at least, so it's not like I'm going to quit or anything. also it's mostly my personal preference about how he conducts the class; I'm sure the students will be fine, and I'll be there to support them if they don't

oh yeah, we reviewed some topics of the first module and started to introduce Object-Oriented Programming; they got to see how to create a class and instantiate an object.

regardless of my personal opinions the class went fine, even tho it was quite long. I'm eager to see how the next weeks will be like.

anyway, see ya soon~