09 february 2022

I didn't login to town for the last few days, due to being too busy lately

that being said, I want to keep maintaining a log for the classes, so here I am once again

later today we'll have class once again, but I'll just give an update about monday's class

since last friday's class was packed full of theory about OOP, the main teacher decided it would be nice to have a class full of exercises so the students could apply and better comprehend the concepts. it worked out pretty well!

but I didn't get to do much work, in comparison. I did join in to answer a question or two, and felt happy about it, but most of the time I had pretty much nothing to do lol

so I used the time to research prices for a new keyboard I intend to buy once I receive my salary and also study some Python concepts the teacher spoke about that I did not fully understand

all in all I'm having a way better dynamic with the current teacher, and by the end of this month I'll be a main teacher myself, and am pretty stoked about it :)o

see ya later today for the feels on the class!