15 february 2022

so, it's been a while

lately I've been feeling quite busy, and honestly haven't been able to log into town for long

but I want to keep posting my class diaries, so I hope when things get better I'm able to hang out more around here

anyways, here's a summary of the last two (I think?) classes that I didn't submit yet:


we finished talking about OOP, so we taught them inheritance, polymorphism, magic methods, all that good stuff

I'll be honest with ya: I'm not sure how well the class went, since I didn't watch it for long. I wish things were different, but as of now the main teacher is able to lecture all by himself, so I don't generally feel very useful (I've been participating more, tho)

as a result, I just... don't do very much. I do what I'm told to, and when the teacher or a student asks me something I'm all up for answering it, but most of the time there's not much else for me to do

but apart from that, the classes went mostly fine. the teacher is still quite fast, but now that we've finished the topics I think he'll be able to slow things down a bit, but we're literally 2 classes from finishing the module, so... yeah


so, this one's different. the main teacher spoke to me about monday's class beforehand, and stated he wouldn't be able to lecture 'cause he was going for a trip

so I lectured all by myself, and honestly it went pretty good!

I wasn't supposed to lecture about anything new, so I wrote this very big notebook that covers literally everything we've seen so far. It was quite fun making it!

I turned down the pace a bit, so it matched my own rhythm of giving lessons, which is quite slow (not as in boring, just more patient) and I felt that made a difference. I really like the new teacher, but as opposed to the previous he's just sooo fast. and I feel the class is not used to such pace, and thus they learn a little bit slower

well, I'm rambling. what matters is that at the end of the class I got to talk to the students a little bit and it felt good to get to know them a bit more.

also one of them told me that I just lectured him his best class yet. I felt so so happy :)

but yeah, that's it!

cya tomorrow~