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I currently write software for a living. I feel like most people who venture into software development probably started down the path long ago with a desire to make games. I have made some very crude games before but nothing like the live action or side scrolling games that inspired me to start coding in the first place. That being said, I am going to embark on a learning adventure. Using javascript and picking up some canvas skills I am going to attempt to make playable games...with sprites and everything.

Before I jump into the coding bits I want to take a stab at making pixel art. So far it has been a very rewarding medium. I could use some inspiration so if you'd like an avatar or something else made please ask away! If you are a fellow townie you can ping me in the IRC channel or vial `mail`. Other interested parties might contact me at Anyone interested in collaborating on a game can feel free to use the same communication channels.

In the beginning...


I heard about this thing on the Theory of Everything podcast. Shortly after I discovered that it had reached capacity and proceeded to add myself to the waiting list. I've now signed up for a few of the clones. Thanks to all gracious enough to give me an account. I am really enjoying my little space on Thanks for welcoming me with open arms and a ~ to rest my head. Please forgive the inline javascript and styling.

<< building some things >>

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