Things I've Learned at Tilde Town

Need to add examples of how to do the things I've learned / share them!

GNU Screen
Seemed like a handy way to keep track of things in IRC! Tmux is kinda overkill for me, but I've enjoyed being able to read stuff I've missed in chat. And I've been using it for my other IRC chatting too, outside of this computer.
Co-incidentally a pal was showing me some Vim basics just before I joined, and I got pretty excited about selecting things in columns. Doing everything in the terminal has been a good excuse to get used to Vim, and I'm learning new little things bit-by-bit :)
I learned how to draw things in bash. Never used it for anything visual before. See things.html
Previously my Github usage has mostly been via the web interface, or Gitkraken. But I just learned how to push the things I want to backup/share in my home directory to Github, and wrote a teeny guide :)

Other things I've got out of this joint

SSH practice
It was more like a thing I did every now and then, but I'm now very comfortable with SSHing and SCPing and setting up little profiles and things.