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"Man makes a clever face and talks about being lord on Earth. And at the same time he doesn’t even know where to begin with his own body: he watches sports on television and defends himself saying that everyone else does it too."

- Homeless Kodo

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Eateries in Singapore that are not "chains", as far as I am aware

The title of this post seems self-explanatory to me. The list below includes eateries that have branches overseas but not in Singapore.

This post was inspired by a question that a member of the Meetup-group ‘Returned Overseas Singaporeans in Singapore (R.O.S.S.)’ has asked. That member said that she found herself eating at the same places, implying that she wanted a change of eateries, hence her question, which was somewhat similar to the title of this post.

I list:

  1. Morton’s Steakhouse
  2. Slow Bakes (which is supposedly under the same umbrella-organisation as the chain of meat-free restaurants, ‘Real Food’)
  3. La Ristrettos
  4. Brunches Cafe
  5. Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
  6. Mahota Commune
  7. Il Den
  8. Kemono Healthy Japanese Roast Chicken (it seems delivery-only)
  9. Tolido’s Espresso Nook
  10. MTR Restaurant
  11. Podi & Poriyal
  12. Hj Maimunah

This post was updated on 14th March 2019.