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this is the part where i explain what this is all about. which is why i should add an `<h1>` or some such around it.

y'all should just skip this part and click the learnings links

bio? excuses? rambling. yes. rambling.

so at some point in my life i discovered that learning systems and tools made things awesome. or at least, more awesome than they usually were, which is awesome enough for me (i am easily impressed). to be honest, it was probably when i found out all the freaky dark magic excel is capable of (shut your hating). naturally, i wanted to learn what other things were super awesome and did cool things. not really having a mentor or knowing where to turn, this led me to all sorts of interesting things (like editing macros in VBA!)(pre-emptive glare at the haters)

i would occasionally try out various "learn to code" things on the inter-tubes. and those were usually structured in such a way that i was all like "dude, awesome!".

but then would come reality.

yeah, it's one thing to understand markup. or even functions of various complexity. but they never seemed to address how to get things from point a (my computer) to point b (literally anywhere else in the world)

somehow or other i found myself in "tech" which means that i have engineers in the kitchen (how many clues have i gathered while getting some coffee?). because of this, i've been able to ask all the "dumb" questions that nobody seems to write down in a good spot. so i am going to try to start writing all that dark, secret, cabal magic down. here. because this is the kind of place where those learn to code things imagine people practicing, i suspect.

dude, how am i still on the intro? oh, right. disclaimers

i'm just documenting the things i wish had been documented for me (i realize past-me wouldn't have found a tilde page, but i'm doing what i can). my disclaimers:

  • i'm learning on a mac. i have only the haziest clues about how to do this dark magic on a windows (or other) machine.
  • i'm skipping the HTML things that i think got covered in 50+% of the tutorials i tried

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this is where i point to the other things i have written

i wrote about command line here. most of the things i anticipate appearing on this page are going to be me learning more about this.

i wrote about the basics of vim here. i don't know how one would edit things in the tilde-verse without using vim, nano, or emacs...

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