.:research & data analysis

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Design by Research - redesign AEDU (mid & late 2015)

After a ecosystem study, setting priorities and the choice product to be studied - the student portal of a big university - a long process of business and user research started.
The research had been divided in 5 steps:

  • Business and platform immersion;
  • Analysis of traffic data, front-end structure, performance and usability;
  • Qualitative research (interviews);
  • Quantitative research (survey);
  • Synthesis and documentation.

With the data analysis, some insights emerged. Even with a non-responsive nor mobile friendly platform, one third of traffic originated from mobile devices. So we start interviewing the users, and observe their behavior using the old system. After some interviews, a survey was launched for ~ 31.000 users, to test our already long list of hypothesis. At the end, the synthesis of all information, and the path for the design decisions.

  • Process Lead;
  • Business and platform immersion;
  • Data analysis;
  • Research planning;
  • Research synthesis and documentation;
  • Workshops and activities (co-design) planning;
  • Final documentation.
photo - user validation

After that, we knew a little more about our users - their habits and different needs along the year, and their priorities.

With that we could move on the project, with activities the co-design with the stakeholders and more two round of tests before the conclusion of the interface and the delivery of the front-end style guide.

Acknowledgment for the team: Michelle Chaussard (user interface), Marco Baumann (front-end & dev consulting), Luisa Nogueira (Sensorama's Owner and who conducted the interviews, workshops and user tests).

You can read the full research report here. [ 47 pages // PT_BR // PDF - 4.3MB ]

.:architecture & information

image - sitemap

GPA Multi cards (mid 2015)

An agile project.

  • Agile lead;
  • Site map and flowcharts;
  • Architecture, sketchs and prototyping;
  • Visual references.
screenshot - Patio Batel front page

Patio Batel (late 2014)

Site for the inauguration of a mall on a luxurious neighborhood.

  • Site map and flowcharts;
  • Architecture, sketchs and prototyping;
  • Visual references
  • Tech guidance;
  • Quality tests.


work samples (2017)

screenshot - html source

handcrafted with Vim - early 2017