author: slimelia   date: 2017-01-17

It's been a while since I've posted to this blog; this is mostly due to technical inconvenience, and I apologise. It feels good for my return to this blog and first post of 2017 to be delivered on the high of good news.

Just over an hour ago, news broke that Chelsea Manning's sentence is to be commuted.

Chelsea has been a hero of mine for a number of years now, and this news is incredibly uplifting to me. I'm so glad that she will soon be free, and cannot express how truly happy I am for her. To witness Chelsea be tortured for so long in prison has been heartbreaking. I look so forward to see her walking free and finally living the life she deserves. I look forward to her finally embracing the womanhood that the prisons, the judicial system and Barack Obama have so long denied her.

It is no secret that 2016 was a bad year, for reasons I need not discuss, so for such good news to break so early in 2017 feels like a good omen. I'm not superstitious, and I'm not blindly believing in something I know not to be true, but I'm silently optimistic. I'm silently optimistic that the future can be so much better, that we can make it better. And I am empowered.

I'm thankful for Obama's decision to commute her sentence, but not thankful to Obama. Unlike those who are currently praising him, I have not forgotten the man who put her in that prison. I have not forgotten the man whose conscience was absent for far, far too long on the matter. I have not forgotten the man who allowed her to be tortured for years. I will not forget. I will be empowered by my anger.

I'm sorry this post is so meandering and so dreadfully written. I don't have many words right now - instead I have many emotions. This news has been incredibly uplifting, and I pray that Chelsea will be walking free soon. I support her and I stand by her, through her remaining time in prison, and for every day she that is free. Thank you so much to everyone who fought for this - for her.

stand strong.


author: slimelia   date: 2016-08-16

If you want a blog similar to this, you can now go grab my blog generator, slimeblogger, on GitHub.

I've written a very basic quickstart guide on the wiki, and edited the mustache templates and CSS so that it is no longer specific to my blog. Please contact me on twitter (@slimelia) if you have any issues or queries. xoxo

youtube channel w/ morgan

author: slimelia   date: 2016-06-21

Hey all,
Just wanted to tell people about the new YouTube channel I'm a part of called Super Cool Gaming. It's a channel started by my good friend Morgan "Trivia Facts" who you can find on twitter here.

Currently Morgan and I are doing a playthrough of Mother 1 here which you can check out. Furthermore my solo debut video, 'Team Fortress 3' can be found here, and if you chose to watch it then I really appreciate that. <3

thanks all

pulse nightclub shooting

author: slimelia   date: 2016-06-12

Very brief but very serious post.

RIP to all those who died during the Pulse Nightclub mass shooting, and power to those who were injured - I hope that you recover swiftly. This news is incredibly distressing and saddening, and my heart feels so heavy. I feel so empty. I extend all my love to all my LGBT+ siblings on this day.

What transpired at Pulse Nightclub is an LGBT+ hate crime. It is a racist hate crime. It is the worst mass shooting the US has ever witnessed in its history, and it is targeted at LGBT+ individuals, particularly LGBT+ PoC. Do not let this act of terrorism go unpunished. Do not let them erase this from history. Do not let them forget. Ever.

Stay safe


author: slimelia   date: 2016-06-12

Welcome to my new blog. I don't know how regularly I will update it, but I spent a while writing a little lightweight blog system specifically for using on If you wanna check out my horrible code, you can check out my repo for this site.

This website is still very much a work in progress right now, so please pardon the mess! I've still yet to decide how I want to present my poetry. I may just end up linking to my deviantART gallery's "literature" folder if I'm super lazy, although I'd like to implement them using the same way this blog is implemented.