author: slimelia   date: 2023-04-24

hiya! just popping in to say this blog has a sister blog! or rather, a gemlog! because it is on gemini. that's what blogs on gemini are called. which is a cute name but like it's a bit unwieldy innit. like.. the word for blogs on gopher is "phlogs" which is FUCKIN awesome (it comes from 'gopherlogs').

anyway i digress!!!! i started a blog/gemlog over on my gemini capsule. i thought about mirroring it to this blog (or elsewhere on my web profile here) but i decided i prefer the idea of it being this exclusive little thing you need to seek out. plus i feel that it defeats the point a bit to have a gemini capsule then just make it available on the web anyway.

if you're not sure wtf gemini is or how to access it, there's some info on what it is and how to use it on the tilde town wiki (which i wrote!) if you just wanna access Geminispace the main part to pay attention to is the Clients section.

there's also web proxies avaiable - like you can click here to view my gemini capsule in your browser! if you do get a gemini client, have yourself a look at gemini:// ^_^