haskal was here yep, cool


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👻 ~Town Graffiti Wal) Oh deer.

enjoy cat ~ted

tilted ever so slightly... by ~karim
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Little known fact: You can tune a filesystem, but you cannot tuna fish.

curl https://ptpb.pw/cvo- # :-)

tilde.town graffiti wall

~brendantcc was here - yeet! ~l0010o0001l says HELLO HAVE GR8 DAY!!!!!

x4464@tildetown:~$ ./welcome.py


i made this box in order to highlight my immense love for other girls townies

YEET (brendantcc was here too! :P)

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hey to make sans-related text more epic install comic sans on your system lol



OOOH graffiti.html went through a mass-level extinction. doge says so wow, much amaze
a doge looking like they want petpets
it really do be like that sometimes
this is npa testing his bot.....

God Help Me!

and this is desvox also testing the same bot

you are a very nice person


garlic bread

lol I have no idea how to css or html ~fantoro

I show you to see it through the light of Taco
And the understanding of Taco
Because when you see the face of Taco, you will die
And there will be nothing left of you
Except the Taco-man, the Taco-woman
The heavenly man, the heavenly woman
The heavenly child
The heavenly children
There'll be prayer on your lips day and night
There'll be a song of jubilee waiting for your king
There will be nothing you will not be be looking for in this world
Except in for your Taco
This is all a dream
A dream in death

Hello! ~tng

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--your link is very lewd so it has been removed--


i love you all

be happy

Hey you! You're pretty cool

this is a message from beyond the graffiti binary's grave... yes pls add graffiti back to path!!!

Yes. Please. Do. :3

yes, please! for any clueless peeps: edit /var/www/tilde.town/graffiti.html :) ~imtilda was here! nyoom

wah thanks

CAN YOU DIG IT :shovel emoji: :grave emoji or possibly flower garden?:

I should have changed the editor. This one does not :q

how do I exit vvvvviiimmmm?????

LOOSE POOPS are sometimes a surprise.

hey guys, its austin -thanks, very cool.

hi its pie!

This is your captain ~patrick speaking, I hope ya'll had a great flight :)