Hello, it's tromboneboi9, recent member of

And yes, I do enjoy grilled cheese. Especially sharp cheddar on sourdough.

Trying to learn Mandarin, German, and Japanese. Making good progress in German.

Things I Made



I, by the way, am a tokiponist: mi ken toki kepeken toki pona. lipu mi pi toki pona li lon ni.

But I started developing my own international auxiliary language because apparently most existing IALs are terrible.

For now it's just called AKIAL (AK's International Auxiliary Language), but I'm considering calling it QQA (Qakti qaktis asik, meaning “people's language”).

All vocabulary, and grammar to a degree, is based on these most common natural languages:

It uses only thirteen very allophonic sounds, corresponding to the letters AEHIKMNOPQRST. Essentially they're all pronounced as you'd expect in Spanish or Italian except Q is an “ng” sound and O can be pronounced like “o” or “u”.

More info here.


I played trombone and tuba in school but nowadays I play electric bass and a bit of guitar and piano.

I am a composer and huge theory nerd though, especially regarding tuning theory and microtonality.

I use Scala quite often to screw around with scales. Some of the scales I've made reside here.

Update, I have acquired an Ibanez lined fretless bass. Very slidey and very funky; slaps real good.

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