I've been a heavy user of gnupg for many years now, but I barely ever use it to communicate with others. Anybody up for some cryptography in tilde.town?

If you haven't played with gnupg before, give it a shot. Here's an excellent guide on getting started with your own GPG keypair. My public key is here. Get things set up and send me an encrypted message!

If I'm a heavy user of gnupg that doesn't do a whole lot of encryption, decryption, or signing, you may be wondering what I use it for. SSH! Your gnupg identity can also be used as your SSH key. I keep my gpg secret keys on a Yubikey that I carry around with me, and I use it to safely and securely ssh into my servers from any workstation–Mac, Windows, or Linux.

~ando <2017-11-07 Tue>