Welcome to Bob's tilde webpage

This page has been last updated at 31-08-2023

Fyi, the refs.html webpage is generated with the following command:

bibtex2html -nobibsource -header "<h1>Bob his bib refs</h1><h2>last update on $(LC_ALL=en_US.utf-8 date +'%d %B %Y')</h2>" refs.bib

What's next

There is more to come. Time is not on my side in this respect, but I'm planning to publicize every medium I consume (except webpages probably, as these tend to be a bit boring). I like culture, so maybe an album consumption list and a film consumption list are the next items on my list that could become actual lists. Stay tuned, or not... Not is probably better. But who knows, I like to beat odds - either way.