2024-05-27 Deep Links

You know what's great? Deep links! For example, I can tell you to go to your Firefox search settings and change your default search to DDG. Except, that doesn't work. But I'm not sure why. I feel like it should. Anyway, it's an interesting idea that links which don't go to the front-page of something are "deep links". I always thought of them as just links. But of course greed made deep linking undesirable because it circumvents front-page ads. Wikipedia on deep linking. I guess the reason this doesn't work in Firefox is because that deep linking into an app is a slightly different concept called mobile deep linking.

2024-03-25 Shells

There was a question on lobste.rs about which shell is the best and it reminds me that I do not believe that shells are really the right solution for any problem. They are just a really deep local minimum of working remotely, having okayish scripting with immediate access, context sensitive settings with env variables, and many more. I now installed Commander One on my Mac to put a little more effort into trying to get to the place where I want to be.

Commander One

  • I cannot configure which terminal it opens. I use iterm2 but it always opens the built-in one.
  • It does not display any git repository information.
  • The keyboard shortcut for opening the terminal does not work with my keyboard layout. It seems to use the pressed key instead of the sent letter. I can still use it with the shortcut that it should be using.
  • It does not use my file associations. I just hit edit on a .py and ended up in Xcode instead of VScode.

2024-03-25 Go somewhere!

I am currently visiting a friend. He does not live super far away or in a particularly amazing place so I did not expect it to be quite as inspiring as it is. My friend has stronger artist genes than me and also is in a very different place in his life. Just being around his appartment makes me want to make all kinds of changes to my place. He also bikes a lot which I have been meaning to get into as a less joint destroying alternative to running and it really gave me some good ideas for getting started. So here is some obvious advice: go places, meet people!

2024-02-15 Website reboot

Making websites is weird. How do you make a website with a navigation menu on the side? It seems you would want the browser to understand that this part of the site doesn't change and then only change some kind of content area while leaving the header, footer and navigation alone.

However, if I understand correctly nobody likes frames because they cause confusing navigation behavior and you should just have different HTML files which all have the same header, footer and navigation. Is that true? Using Javascript sounds like it would just make everything even worse.

How do I make the div in the sidebar fit the actual button text? I tried width: fit-content; but I suppose that doesn't work when the div is next to another one in a flex container or something. I could add a   but that seems a bit tedious. Ah, it seems the right solution is to use width: max-content.

What unit is an em again? Apparently (Wikipedia), ignoring the details, it's the font size.

2024-02-15 Plurb

I just learned about ~acdw/bin/plurb which can be used to write nice little descriptions of participating townies which I think is a wonderful idea!

tilde town premium badge

This is what it would look like if I was a tilde town premium member! Unfortunately, I am not. But you could be! Contact dozens on bbj for instructions on leveling up to premium membership!