30 august 2022

Good morning.

Woke up with pain in my right leg, in the hip and knee, ankle too but not as much.

Yesterday I went on the IRC and the BBJ but I didn't say anything because I feel I haven't lurked enough. I went and tested some bots on the IRC, though, that was fun. I'll try again now, it's like 10 AM here so maybe there's a conversation going on that I can at least watch if not join.

Fell asleep at 5 AM because I was reading my city's website. Thoughts on parking because that was on the discussion board:

I don't think parking should be free. Parking not only costs the city (surfacing costs, and so on), but also pedestrians. You try walking in a parking lot in August: you'll fry. Try walking past it on the sidewalk: you get cooked. Even without that heat, it's just... a LOT to walk past. No shade, no shelter from the wind, nowhere to sit. Awful experience.

RE: big buildings like WalMart, why don't they just put their damn parking on the roof? It's already flat concrete garbage. Just add a ramp. Sprawled out garbage store. Why is it all one floor? Awful. At least build stuff on top of it.

Just upset myself over finances so I erased that entire paragraph.

Reading list status: unchanged.