03 september 2022


I picked up my new tablet. It took me around four months to decide to buy one at all, and a full month to look into the kind I would need, but I still feel a bit of buyer's remorse. I'm hoping that goes away soon, and that it's only because I'm using an Android tablet. Android, iOS, no matter what it is, it's never good out of the box. I hate using Google products.

Unfortunately it's also the only thing I can get that's affordable, and in time for the start of term. I'm facing a 2 hour commute, and hoping to use bus time as study time like I did this last term. This last term I used my phone, though, and reading textbooks on it is very uncomfortable.

A complaint: what the hell do you mean I can't have numbers in my email address? Some websites (UPS website), I swear... And invalid address? I will use my firefox relay email and you will accept it, god damn it (many such cases!).

A further complaint: everyone in my family is getting a new phone because of some promotion that makes it effectively free yadda yadda years-long contract and so on and so forth. My phone works fine for my purposes, and has since 2017 or so. Why should I replace it? But my mom is "very concerned" and confused over this. I already tape over my cameras, why would I need a phone with not one, not two, but three backwards-facing cameras?