08 october 2022

Some textbook site I had to use for a course-specific packet wanted me to install its shitty proprietary PDF viewer to view things offline. For a book I had already paid for. Not that they care, they see it as licensing at best. Whatever. Their PDF reader did not allow me to log in because my university wasn't on their list. Alright.

Ended up finding a Python script on GitHub that automates screenshots for this specific service. Output was a nice PDF, a little blurry, but still legible. I love the internet.

Note: my university allows me barely any access to anything. Weird. Whenever I see a cool research article online, I have to ask my friend to download it and send it to me instead. I don't know why my uni's weird like that, most other universities in my country pool stuff together in an access federation, from which my university is conspicuously absent.

Finished reading up to Chapter 10 of Vinbre: The Novel, on AO3. Fucking fantastic, so much original effort, worldbuilding, everything. Amazing.