14 october 2022

I've been thinking about making something similar to feels, but for updating my Neocities. Or perhaps just moving my Neocities here and making the feels-like thing update that, but I don't know how to get files from this tilde onto my computer and vice-versa. Advantage of Neocities is that I can just zip it up and take it.

Anyway, for mobile stuff, maybe use a mobile shell to SSH into my computer, onto an account with no root access of course. Still, concerned about attacks especially if I'm on public wifi. Not quite sure how attacks work but I will learn and for now it just smacks of a bad idea. Especially since my phone has not had a security update since 2020. Google Pixel 2 and I've had it since 2018 at most (could be 2017? I know I got it pretty close to release, like a chump).

I can't even install a new OS on it because the down volume button is broken and I need it to enter the mode where I can install things. I keep postponing installing a new OS on either of my parents' old phones (I hoard them, fuck the phone release cycle, they work fine). I think once I get something decent and updated after 2020 on them it'll be safer. Key: -er. Perhaps not safe, I don't know enough about security.

But that was a tangent. I remember talking with a meatspace (for lack of a better word) acquaintance (possibly friend?) about this concept, and they recommended some things about SSH security but since I neither understood it fully nor wrote it down, it's lost to time. This is why I should commit to bullet journaling, but I feel that system is too... cumbersome? for frequent use. I need to lower the "activation energy" of getting me to write stuff in it, and it can't just be "remember to take it along" because anything beginning with "remember" is a lost cause with me. This is also a tangent. Is it possible to have tangents in a stream of consciousness? More like a topic change, unless I pivot back.

Fruitless tangent, on SMS Pivoting back to the SSH stuff, I'm also thinking about *maybe* using SMS like early Twitter, since I do want to make tweet-like things. That, however, is very unlikely to actually happen because if I had an upper word limit on stuff like this I'd tear it apart. Another reason I can't use SMS. Another, still, is that while I don't know specifics, I'm reasonably sure it's not secure enough to allow my computer to execute actions based on an SMS. Any actions. Also, why in hell would I ever try to put any SMS on my computer?? I'd get nothing but spam.

I hope the details summary thing works on my public_html.