09 november 2022

Redacted a lot of the stuff above this for melodrama. TL;DR: Bus route is down, bus company is dragging its feet, and I'm physically unable to go to university as a result. Unless I take the train in one direction for an hour then ride it in the opposite direction for two. Not even factoring in the time it takes to bus to the train station itself.

On top of all this. I've found myself obsessed with The Sims again. I'm not even sure if I actually like the damn game. I found that I mostly already had a plot when I sat down to play it. Why not just write it down in story form then??? Ugh.

On the bright side, I'm currently reading The Left Hand of Darkness and I really like it! I'm about to start Chapter 5. So far I'm interested in how humans got to other planets, and how/why they fell out of contact with each other. Why do the Gethenians have kemmer while the other humans don't? I also find it interesting that the rest of humanity gets called perverts, when in this world people will call you worse for a shifting/ changing gender.

Also, it's interesting that Genly defaults to gendering the Gethenians as male. I somehow get the impression it's because Genly himself is a man. Reminds me of reading something about how men would generally say "he" and women would opt for "he or she" or something to that effect, but honestly without context that observation seems wrong to me. It's still rattling around in my brain though, and it is likely to have been true in the past, or be true in social groups in which I'm not.

Oh, nice. Chapter 5 opens with "My landlady, a voluble man."