Hi I'm Elizafox

desvox brought me here after spending two weeks at my house and telling me all about it

I suck at HTML and CSS and have terrible taste (Helvetica is best) so don't expect me to put much here

Maybe check out my blog idk?

Okay but who the fuck is Elizafox?

[David Attenborough voice]

Elizafox is a catfox/human hybrid from a star system in the Andromeda galaxy communicating via a stable wormhole. That, or just a weird agender person living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who uses they/them/theirs pronouns (she/her/hers are also fine). The truth will never be known for certain.

It's said by some that Elizafox is polyamorous and is in some sort of relationship with desvox and a wife named Alex. The reason for this unusual mating arrangement is unknown.

Legend has it Elizafox is a Python, C, and C++ programmer, but they are said to be quite rusty.

In a past life, Elizafox was a sysadmin. Elizafox does maintain their own machines, but has long since given up such an infuriating pursuit and is back with maintaining a few home servers and considering employment in systems administration.

Elizafox was once also a medical student who dropped out due to mental health issues. They may go back someday, after they recover from their infirmity.

Currently, during this convalescent period, recovering from their grave mental illness, Elizafox exists and mostly drifts about like a ronin, searching for a purpose.

[End David Attenbouorgh Voice]

Miscellaneous bullshit

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(For copyright and good taste reasons I can't put music here so just imagine In And Out Of Love by Armin van Buuren is playing because uh... idk it's stuck in my head atm)

(Also imagine that the header is a marquee because HTML5 removed the marquee tag, those bastards)