01 july 2019

I finished off my 1000 mile bike challenge yesterday. I rode 1000 miles in 30 days. This started as me just checking my stats for the month and realizing I'd done almost 800 miles and there was still about a week left in the month. I decided that the extra 200 miles was something I wanted to push for. Since Thursday I have ridden those 200 miles. Thursday I rode a little over 60 miles, Friday I rode right around 50, Saturday I took off as I was traveling and then yesterday (Sunday) I rode 89 miles to finish off the challenge.

Yesterday was the hardest day of riding I've done in a while, and that includes the 450 mile week I had at the beginning of June. While a lot of the places I ride have hills, where I am now is completely flat and going South had a tremedous, nearly steady, headwind. To top that all off, we're currently experiencing a heat wave that's set to get worse as the week goes on. The temperature approached 95F and the humidity was over 80%, just terrible.

I'm going to take a day to rest at the beach and do as little as possible. I also brought my speed skates with me this week. I hope to log some miles there as well.