25 june 2022

Entry 0 // 2022-06-25T10:04:08,982270545-04:00

I've recently had the itch to explore alternative operating systems again. It's been a while, but the new employer has much tighter controls over our work computers than previous. Trying to breath new life in to this old girl. Ubuntu runs fine but I want options. Personally, I hate dual booting, it just feels dirty. I've acquired a small USB flash drive which barely extends past the outside of the USB port. I'm going to try to find a "live" distro with persistent storage that I like for it. The advantage being that I can choose to boot straight to the USB stick or provide it as a target disk for a vm and use it without rebooting.

Entry 1 // 2022-06-25T10:32:59,937515565-04:00

This quote amused me:

The footprint is very big as MX Linux needs 5GB of hard disk space

The idea that an operating system is considered "small" at "only" 5GB is absurd to me. I remember using DSL (Damn Small Linux) and it only needd a few MBs of space. I understand that storage is cheap now but I'm looking for something that can go on a small flash drive, ever byte counts!

Entry 2 // 2022-06-25T12:17:35,644713276-04:00

I've installed Antix on the little 32GB USB drive and set it up with persistence and told it to load itself to ram. This thing is really quite slick. Booting it up takes a few seconds longer than Ubuntu but once the system is up, everything feels so much faster.