29 june 2022

Entry 0 // 2022-06-29T10:07:58,048760151-04:00

Been playing around with options to make my old laptop feel more responsive and came across AntiX. Maybe I've written about it already, I honestly don't remember... but, in any case, I'm now using it almost exclusively.

As mentioned in an earlier post, my wife and I have decided to disappear in to "the woods" for a while in our camper. This doesn't mean I've left all technology behind, but it means that my use is more intentional and I'm not spending all day behind a screen, per usual. Part of how I do this is I choose to bring older tech with me. No fancy laptops, no fancy phones. Just something that can access a terminal and, maybe, the web for occasionally looking something up (this has come in handy, helping us look up new card games to play... Kings Corner has been our new favorite).

In any case, I noticed the install of Ubuntu that I had on this laptop was starting to struggle... I'm guessing it was some new feature in an update I did that really just tipped it over the edge of usability for me. Someone over on the sdf.org bboard recommended AntiX, so, seeing that it was "only" about 1GB, I set off to find a coffee shop and download the ISO.

Upon returning to the camp sight, I set to work figuring it out. It's Debian based, so, not a huge learning curve. The biggest "hurlde" was "remembering" how to work in a sysv init world. I've adapted so judiciously to working inside of systemd because of my day job that sometimes I forget SysV stuff... Or even x11 stuff for that matter...

So, anyway, I got it set up and boy howdy, this thing screams now. I'm glad to see that there is still a community focused on keeping these old dinosours kicking. Now, if only websites would stop getting bigger, maybe I could keep it around even longer.