04 july 2022

Entry 1 // 2022-07-04T16:58:44,780859151+00:00

Thought I'd document this somewhere. There's a weird issue with rtv and oauth. You have to manually create an api token and then configure it to use the same url. Once you do that, put the secret and token in the rtv.cfg manually. You can then login.

Entry 0 // 2022-07-04T00:59:06,750059042-04:00

OK, so two things to jot down real quick.

  1. I've set up a gemini server. Check it out: gemini://techmachine.net

  2. I had this wild brain dump on Signal earlier with a friend of mine.

    I had set up my gemini server and I got thinking "how cool would it be if there was some service that could host arbitrary markdown, hosted on IPFS, on gemini, gopher and http all at the same time.

    I think this spawns from an itch I've wanted to scratch for a long long time; how do I make my content as accessible as possible regardless of the medium?

    A rough sketch of this would look something like HAProxy, or nginx proxy. I've seen some projects which can render markdown both in to hugo and gemini, but these are all pre-render type programs. My idea would render pages in real time from the source markdown. There would be a caching layer to improve performance. The part I've yet to figure out is how to stream page contents directly in to a service that would then service it to the client. All of the clients I've seen expect the files to be read from disk. I'm sure that there's a way to stream html to nginx but I think I'll have to write something for gopher and gemini. Thankfully, it looks like there are pretty good python and go libraries for each of these protocols so I've got plenty of support for writing the handlers.

Anyway... that was a longer ramble than I intended for it to be.

TL;DR: I have some crazy ideas on how to provide content across multiple protocols