˜”*°•.˜”*°•hi it's emma•°*”˜.•°*”˜

new stuff:

Nothing for ages because my PhD is kicking my butt right now. One day I'll have time again!

some things I've made:

* Deerful, Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own - live-coded pop songs
* Boring Tales From Tiny Places - a generative novel for NaNoGenMo 2018
* heartsease, rest - ambient drones made on an ipad
* heartsease, heal - lo-fi instrumentals made on a phone
* Looptober - new music for every day of October 2018
* The Okay Score - a Taroko Gorge remix
* Peach - my debut electropop album
* Graphic Score Bot
* Cat Simulator 3000
* noctiluca
* what it feels like in here
* you don't go anywhere

some things I do:

* research
* music
* twitter bots
* games
* podcast

where to find me:

* twitter (on hiatus too busy)
* mastodon (on hiatus too busy)
* github
* ~feels

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