04 october 2016

trying to get pagination working for reading entries; i didn't put this in from the beginning because i was lazy and just wanted to get everything else going first. now that there are lots more entries to read, and people writing entries, it's getting hard to scroll through.

the user end is still a little rough, but at least it kind of works. try it out on beta if you're interested:


and let me know what you think!


i had a couple moments of angst trying to get this working. a long time ago, i wrote a giant, awkward perl script that does blog publishing, including tag filters/listing and pagination, and i did it in basically one shot. i still get this wall of frustration whenever i try to write anything recursive, because i remember when i was first learning recursion, and how much it just wouldn't stick. i had a lot of other shit going on around me that kept me from figuring it out.

at this point in my life, i don't really ever need to write any code at all, but i get a lot of pleasure from figuring out little things here and there. i enjoy many parts of programming, and i'm pleased with my recent past self for leaving enough breadcrumbs through my codebase so i can actually get back in and add new things.

i briefly glanced at my old perl script for a good pagination reference, and it's pretty much unreadable (then again, it's perl, which, as far as i can tell, is never meant to be read again after the initial writing.)