07 august 2017

hey tilders <3

i'm so glad to be back here after a long absence; i'm taking some time to get caught up on all the new projects, expansions, users, etc. that have made their way onto this little universe. i'm glad this place is here. i'm glad it's still here and growing and feels good!

since i was last around, i guess:

basically, i feel good, i've taken a lot of my nervous spinning in circles energy and pointed it towards concrete things and now i have a lot of excellent feelings about working hard and doing more things in the future. a lot of the world feels a little bit bad lately, and i think this is what i need to work on in order to be my best person and be in a better position to be a force for good and beauty and love <3

gosh i'm seriously off the deep end in peace love and dirty hippie right now, and i don't even feel bad about it <3

thanks for reading <3 <3 <3