28 november 2017

my mornings are slow; my stomach has a hard time settling down these days.

recently, i bought myself a yubikey and attached it to every service i use that has u2f support. it's surprisingly satisfying to me, and appeals to a particular cyberpunk part of my brain.

i'm reading lots of documentation on how to be a better programmer and how to make better projects and how to work well with others and how to be a good person and how to take care of yourself and i'm working on my brain and my body and it feels okay. i've got a long ways to go, with everything. i'm cautiously optimistic, always.

there's a lot of stuff that gets me down, and i'm learning how to let it energize me instead.

my eyes are sore and i'm learning to use a screenreader and learning to let go of what things look like, in favor of finding different ideas about what things are.

nothing is permanent.

hahaha okay i just tried to use the feels engine vanilla with a screenreader and it's super illegible :/ i wonder what i would have to do to make it more accessible.