29 november 2017

i tried a thing where i symlinked my .ttbp/entries directory to my ~/public_gopher directory, as a preliminary test for what it's like to have feels in my gopherhole. you can check it out at gopher://tilde.town/1/~endorphant/feels but i'm not 100% satisfied with it at the moment; i kind of wish it displayed feels in reverse chronological order, for starters.

i'm still trying to get a feel for what gopherspace is; for me, it seems to promote generating a lot of text-based content, in a way i've never felt before. i kind of want to just dump a bunch of things from my brain into it, but it also feels strangely exhibitionist? maybe it's just that i'm not used to it, so i don't know how to think about it yet, so everything i do feels really awkward and exposed.