19 february 2022

TildeTown Blog | 02192022-150545

G̏̽͋ͩͬ͊̈́o͌ͭ͆̂̍̈́̌oͩ͒ͩd̋̃͑ ͐ͣm̌orͬͥͤͣ̊n̋ͧͩ͐i͛̉n̔̎g̏͂̔ͦ̈ Tildeverse!

I’ve been working more with Blink Shell and have discovered that it basically maintains a persistent local directory of my whole Tilde site in the Files app, which is exciting! This means I can easily upload images and videos from my iPhone 12 Pro Max using the process outlined in this short video tutorial:

Mini Tutorial: Uploading images to the Tildeverse with Blink Shell

I decided this discovery justifies writing a full-ish guide on using Drafts & Blink Shell to interact with the Tildeverse on iOS.

I also added a few new directories/cleaned up some files: