17 july 2019

I may be getting too old for this :)

Late night on call seems to get harder and harder.

Maybe it's just me and I need to suck it up and deal. This job gives me and my lovely wife a really nice life and a shorter path to retirement.

Everything has its price I suppose :)

05 july 2018

On call again. This is turning into my 4AM oncall journal, which is OK, I guess, right? :)

I feel like things are going really well for me lately. Almost feel bad saying that since a lot of what I read is about people being despreately unhappy or dealing with incredibly heavy shit. My heart goes out to each and every one of them.

My work situation is pretty great. I'm being challenged in ways I've never encountered before, but rather than being paralyzed by it, feeling drowned and overwhelmed in a wash of the immensity of it all, it's like I'm surfing! I take each challenge as it comes, do exactly as much as I can do as well as I can do it, and I'm being consistently rewarded for that!

It's crazy but it's almost like I NEEDED to struggle and fight and slog through the last 20 years of my career with all the ups and downs and all of it in order to actually be able to handle this moment.

I find myself thinking "Why didn't I do this/feel this way 20 years ago?" but maybe my younger self COULDN'T have done this or felt this way because I wasn't ready. Or maybe that's just an excuse?

14 may 2018

Watching Dirty Money on Netflix. Outstanding documentary. Definitely recommend.

22 december 2017

Last day of work before a week's vacation. Gotta say I am so psyched. We're headed to Woodstock, VT. it's like a little currier&ives village from a story book.

I hope everyone reading this has something fun planned for the holidays, whichever you choose to celebrate :)

16 december 2017

Just a few days left in my current graveyard on call shift. Man, I can't wait to be done with this :)

Been teaching myself IOS programming in Swift. The language is pretty neat!

That's all for now. Time to get some sleep and hope the pager doesn't go off again :)

08 december 2017

Doing a stint of front line oncall. I pulled a night shift this time around. I really mostly don't mind it much - where I work you get a comp day for every week's night shift you pull, but there are aspects of it that are kind of hard.

In particular, when the pager is silent until it goes off at midnight or so is particularly jarring. I've JUST hit deep sleep, so ehwn I wake to the pager I almost feel that sort of out of body experience where you're going through the motions of doing what you need to do but it's like your brain lags behind saying "Hey what? What are we doing? Umm. Sleep? Sleep is good. Oh, work. Yeah we can do that too. Hey wait up!"


23 october 2017

Totally Love This Idea For a Community

The idea of a community built atop UNIX is fascinating to me. Looking forward to exploring and contributing here!