Updated Website

March 27, 2024 — ~georgemoody

Apparently i'm staying out of town a little bit longer so i decided to use that time to upgrade my website a bit more!

there's now a contact form in the "contact" menu (it was "socials" previously). it uses a php backend (i don't know php quite well so i took some code from a website (zero Ai involvement, i promise)

in addition to that, there's an "interests" section on my main page (similar to what i have over at Spacehey) but i've also added brief descriptions about each entry

hope you enjoy!

Oh forgot to mention! 3 days ago it was my bday! lots of fun was had i can assure you that!

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Happy Norooz!!!

March 20, 2024 — ~georgemoody

Happy new year to all who celebrate this lovely tradition, here's to a better year for all of us, i've moved out of town to celebrate with my the rest of the family so everything else will be on halt for now :)

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Gemini and Gopher

February 24, 2024 — ~georgemoody

Finally dicided to finish the job and make my pages in both the Gemini and Gopher protocols, make sure to visit them via the 'view' menu at the top, or look for my name in the directories for the protocols. i've gotta say, gopher's very inconvenient in terms of building a page, no wonder it never really took off, still fun to learn about.

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Sickness sucks

February 09, 2024 — ~georgemoody

I've switched from KDE to GNOME since i prefer the UI design a lot more (as well as the built-in trackpad gestures) but the transition's been pretty slow I also got sick with god knows what disease and got stuck in home for practically a week, now i have to read up on physics and chem to pay the price.

Tags: linux, GNOME, school

Another huge makeover

January 16, 2024 — ~georgemoody

Oh boy, quite a lot has changed since i last touched this website, here's a bullet point list of them:

  • switched from macOS to Asahi fedora, despite how much i love the design and the finder icon (it's very iconic) i couldn't bear its closed sourced attitude.
  • changed my blogging system once again, this time using bashblog, much more customizable than Spacehey and less painful to blog than regular old html (also, finally got rid of all the old posts, could not bother to archive them, not much of value was lost anyway)
  • fell into a slight pit of breakcore, it's quite the energetic genre, binz has much better taste than me :P oh and The Buggles kinda rule

that's it for now, see ya in a year

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