07 february 2019

Hey guys!

Going back to Tilde Town is always fun, sadly I don’t post much here. I’m still working on all my personnal projects, preparing for the Young Makers Show of Monts 2019. I’m also now studying embedded electronics engineering at l’École des Mines de Saint-Étienne. This course is an apprenticeship that I do at the company SES Nouvelle, which makes road signs (I work on dynamic ones with LEDs).

See ya!

04 january 2018

New car

Hey, I got a new car for my 20th birthday!

So I have a Hyundai Atos Prime since about a year. I needed this car to go to school, as public transports would take more than one hour. It's a yellow and fun car that my father paid for a “small” amount (2200 €) considered the small mileage on it.
Sadly at the time, I didn't knew a thing about car. I started getting interested in cars when I got mine, so looking back at it, it was quite a big mistake to buy this car and I hope I can sell it for somewhere between 1500 € and 2000 € but there's no guarentee, and that is really stressing me right now.
Anyway, my grand-mother is 95 and her ophthalmologist told her she shouldn't drive anymore. Great idea as the car took beatings every now and then. It's still quite cool she just stops driving at 95!
So for my 20th birthday (which is to come this next February 12), she offered me her car. Cool! It's a Peugeot 1007 (vive la France !), a “monospace” with electric sliding doors (yeah, that's the only car with that!). It's a dark blue model from 2009. Oh and it's an automatic transmission, huge improvement over my Atos Prime! It's also the sport version (that's rather funny to call a car like that a “sports car”): 1.6 L 16V 110 hp.
I now have ABS, ESP and 7 airbarg compared to the Atos Prime which has… 1 airbag. The only downside to this car is it's gas mileage. My Atos Prime was already a bit high with a fuel consumption of 5.9 L/100km on paper, but this one is at 6.6 L/100km on paper (will probably do more). The upside is that the annual maintenance has to be done every two years only! That's the only car I know like this, so the money I loose on fuel, I win it (I hope) on maintenance costs.

I'm thrilled to work, tweak, customize and drive this car for the next months/years to come! It's in really good shape with only 15k km, my grand-mother replaced the damaged parts as soon as they were damaged.

Happy to come back to tilde town, see you!

08 october 2017

Hey, it's me! Happy to be on Tilde Town, it's great to see a community like this with low level, deep and vintage computer enthusiasts. =)