13 november 2021


I’m still there, I’m now 23, and quite some stuff happened.

I talked about being an apprentice at a company named SES Nouvelle in my previous post. Well, this company closed (we learned the news in december 2019), so I had to find a new one to finish my apprenticeship in. This whole period was quite hard for me, the people at SES Nouvelle didn’t help me at all and I was left alone with no financial help whatsoever. There was kind of a big injustice there but nothing I could do about it, so I left and continued in a company named Sectronic. Everything went well in that company, I actually found some old colleagues from SES, and after a year they offered me to continue working for them, so I accepted and am now an Embedded Systems Engineer since two months.

I’m very happy about the end of my studies and am overall happier than I was these last three years. One sad detail is that after almost 7 years, my girlfriend and I separated. I initiated it but I guess it was a common decision. She wasn’t really there when I needed her, she got disinterested with time, became more independant in a way that left her relationship on the side… I am very invested in my romantic relationships and need to have that same vibe on the other side. I’m much happier in a relationship than alone, I know how to make my girlfriend happy, I’m very passionate and romantic, but I need my girlfriend to also be invested in a way that she wants to build and make evolve that relationship. So anyway, I’m alone right now, hence pretty sad on the love side of things. I have a crush since a few months but it’s not going very fast, she doesn’t live here and I lack some confidence as always (especially since my previous relationship started degrading, makes sense), so I have no idea if she is like “out of my league”, maybe not interested in a relationship right now, etc. Anyway, we’ll see, I’ll have to try things out. My two previous girlfriends got interested in me first so it was easier, but it won’t always happen and let’s hope I have my chances to be liked by someone and make that person as happy as ever.

On another note, my motivation for my personnal projects has kind of died with Covid (because oh yeah, that happened in-between). It slightly is coming back, but work also takes me quite some time. I’d like to showcase a new project at Monts’ Young Inventors show, I’d like to work more on my Twitch channel (maybe YouTube), but I really need some viewership and it’s hard to get when you’re starting out especially today, I’m too late. I’d still like to create my own company at some point (let’s seriously hope it works out if I do go on that path, but I’m really interested in that and have some ideas about a more risk-free kind of company in tech). I might go showcase some of my projects on the Récap show of the LeStream Twitch web TV. Really excited about it!

See you next time! :-)