13 may 2020

We're all stuck in The Great Lockdown for now. I was looking forward to a bunch of events this spring / summber. Working from home and staying in is REALLY good for my pocketbook, not so good for my sanity.

04 november 2019

So, not going to say it's a coincidence. I'm taking this week off to celebrate my birthday. My wife, however gets pretty jealous when I do this. Every year she always calls in sick to match my time off, at least one day. Today isn't any different, except she's saying she's actually, really, sick with a stomach bug. I'm a bit annoyed by it really, I'm taking the time off to do stuff around the house, not to laze around and play games or drink. Not to say she's lying, but it defintely changes how my day is going already. Time to adjust plans.

01 november 2019

It's my birthday month! Woot Woot! Planned a big-ish party at my local cigar bar. We've got a burrito truck, a music man, chihuahuas, & Montucky Cold Snacks. Huzzah!

13 august 2019

Looks like the local Eagles Aerie is in deep shit. I was at the meeting last night where an agent from the Grand Aerie showed up. He basically laid out how the finances are fucked, and if we don't get our act together, the place will close permanently. I don't think there's enough members willing to put in the work to keep it running well, but maybe there's a solution. We'll see.

07 august 2019

My dogs don't get along. It sucks. The only real solution has been to keep one of them kenneled at all times. The small one doesn't like people, he's also got a bit of anxiety. He will bark constantly while in his crate if he knows someone is home. Which really sucks. Because he'll keep going the entire time the other dog is out. Somehow, in his little dog brain, he's figured out that if he barks long enough, someone will eventually come and let him back out. He's the one we leave out of his crate at night, since it's entirely possible he'll continue to bark the entire time. It makes me feel bad for the other dog, she's relatively quite, but extremely active. All this barking, and keeping them separate to prevent dog fights is possible the most stressful thing I go through on a weekly basis. It's impossible to work on any projects when that little anxiety ridden animal has a couple barks literally every three seconds. I love them both, but I wish the small one would shut the fuck up and the big one would stop going after other dogs. fml.

29 july 2019

Well hell, ate Wendy's for lunch again. Every time I do, it'd delicious; then I feel shitty the rest of the day. You'd think I'd have learned a lesson on that by now.

12 july 2019

Been a few since the feels update. But that's OK. Nothing is worth getting too stressed out about.
Getting back into Tilde.Town again. I come and go, but I'll never leave. :D

20 december 2018

Merry Xmas Y'all!

Built a new gaming computer, and playing Fo76. Having a great time with it, but I think I'll need a headset with a mic. Teaming up with my buddy Gabe was a real pain in the ass without being able to communicate. That said, I'm loving the new computer build. NVMe drive, gets me booted into Windows in aroughly 4 seconds, shit yeah!

Also, this is the first Xmas without my mother-in-law in the picture. The wife's pretty upset, but we'll make it through. Life goes on and all that.

15 november 2018

Well hell, I've been out of commission the past couple days. Got a wicked cold, still trying to kick it. Got a steriod prescription of some sort to help with my chest, just waiting for the virus to run it's course at this point.

In conjunction with that, I've realized I have a stupid problem of being unable to actually finish anything. I've started hundreds of hobbies, and have failed to finish most of them. And it's not even inclusive to hobbies. I do websites for people and get them 80% finished, then somehow fail to get the rest done. It sucks.

That all said, my goal for the rest of the year is to start finishing things, even if they're small projects. Let's get that shit done, maybe that will get me out of this funk.

25 october 2018

Got a sweet side gig a few days ago. Instantly agreed to do it, since it's for someone who used to do graphic design for me. Probably the easiest money I'll make. This client is used to drawing it all out, and building the UX. All I've gotta do is put it online and make it work! Huzzah!

19 october 2018

Tilde.Town/~greely is finally coming together. I'm comfortable with how it looks right now, mostly because it doesn't yet look like a website train wreck.

The content piece will come along as she ages. I'll just try to document what's happening, and I accomplished it. Town's got a lot of neat stuff!

18 october 2018

Feels good to be back in town. It took me a while.
Moved jobs, and have a new house to maintain.
Any how, back in action!

30 march 2018

Last day at my current job. Feels really weird. They've still given me a ton of last-minute stuff to do, more than I can possibly finish in one day. Anyway, new gig starts on Monday. It's closer to the house, and more money.

12 december 2017

Every day is hard, but it gets easier.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself now. Every morning, that's the thing. It's hard to do the stuff you're "supposed" to do. It's hard to be an adult. But if you take the easy route, and skip the hard stuff, you'll just be stuck. Stuck in the same spot you were the day before. So I'm going to do the hard thing, and to the stuff that needs to get done. Maybe it'll get easier.

08 december 2017

So Anna got a job this past Monday. She quit on Tuesday morning. Interviewed for another on Thursday morning, and got the job later that evening. She starts on the 18th, which is great news. We only went 6 weeks with her unemployed this time. Could've been much worse.

Now, I just need her to figure out a career. She's never been career focused, but maybe I can get her to start working on bookkeeping, or a CPA type job. We'll see.

I was hoping she'd at least get a job with full time benefits, like insurance and 401k savings. No such luck. The onus is still on me to figure that stuff out. Some day.

13 november 2017

OK, so I took some vacation time, a week. It's not what I intended it to be though, since Anna wasn't working. I love my wife, but was looking forward to some time to myself while she was at work. Her job loss this past month changed that for sure.

That said, it was nice to not worry about getting up early, ticket deadlines, and last minute client requests. I was able to get some stuff put away at the house too.

Also, I guess you'd call me selfish for this, but the thing that bugs me the most about Anna not working, is that I've gotta put all my "hobbies" on hold. I've gotta squeeze, and avoid all the extras I would've done for myself. which sucks, but is necessary.

I hope she dials it up soon.

03 november 2017

Day four since Anna lost her job. I'm certain she hasn't touched her resume yet, let alone applied for anything new. Came home to her basically passed out drunk in the bedroom. This sucks. Any attempt to get her motivated is just met with anger and self-loathing. This is the third time she's lost a job in the five years we've been married. Makes me want to shake some sense into her but I know that's not the answer.

Anyway, I'm on vacation all next week, maybe we'll make some progress then.

02 november 2017

So the "drama" has begun. I have a hard time impressing upon my wife how important it is that she get crackin' on the job hunt. It's been two days, and she hasn't yet updated her resume. I finally sat her down this morning for work and made her turn her laptop on, and load her resume.

I dont' know, I guess she doesn't "get it". In order for things to work without disruption, she needs to start applying for jobs NOW. We don't have the luxury of time. Grrrr...

31 october 2017

Well, the wife lost her job today. So it's going to be another trying month of keeping her motivated, and out of depression. It's different this time though, since we have a more expensive house, we cannot afford for her to be out of work for long. Super frustrating, I hope she can keep it together.

17 october 2017

Fuckin' eggs, bacon! Just got a call from a local radio station. Looks like I won VIP tickets to the Lost Lake Festival. These ain't cheap ones. It's a good thing Anna and I don't have plans this weekend, since it's an all (3) day event. Good times.

16 october 2017

Gonna be a good week, getting over my annual depression, ready to feel better, eat better, sleep better, etc.

Also, I really appreciate feels. It's public, but who the fuck checks this thing out, except my fellow townies. Let's me rant a bit, talk about my crazy life, and generally let the balls hang out. :D

13 october 2017

TGIF bitches! Seriously, that's all I got. It's been a long, stressful week, but things are looking up.

11 october 2017

Fuck work stress. It's getting to me today. I'm torn between wanting to do well at my job, and doing things quickly. I'm not very good at doing both. When the pressure is on like this, it takes the fun out of it. Bleh.

09 october 2017

Man, I need a break. Been getting lazy lately, Working too much can do that. Ya run out of a fuel after a while, trying to do all the stuff you shoud do. Cross the ts, dot your is. Taking a break next month, don't expect me to be productive.

06 october 2017

Two things.

First, my wife went nuts trying to find a tablet that she'd lost in our house. We moved in recently, and said tablet could be anywhere. Many tears, and no tablet found, I can finally get some quet computer time in. Such is life.

Second, attractive lady on the elevator this morning, enters my workplace and disappears into a meeting room. I'm hoping she's a new employee, but a quick check with the receptionist quickly kills my dream. Oh well. *shrugs*

25 september 2017

Here's to a mellow Monday. Took this past Friday off, and I feel like I "Got It Out Of My System". In other words, I'm ready for a calm week of being helpful and polite. No need to run around and act the fool. :D

19 september 2017

Damned headache started up. Probably 'cause I'm not eating enough. No matter, it's nothing a Diet Dr. Pepper can't fix, amiright?

18 september 2017

Things are looking up today. I went to the "dollar" theater by my new house last night. For some reason, it was an emotionally invigorating experience. I guess I haven't really had a movie theater experience in a while.

12 september 2017

Started a weight loss competition this past week. Gamed the system a little bit by eating like a pig the week before weighing in. Probably gained an extra pound doing it that way. Either way, we had our first weigh in yesterday, and I'm leading the pack with 3.36% (7 lbs) down. That was REALLY EFFIN HARD to do. Trying to restrict my calories to 1500 kcal / day. Anyway, it's tough but doable.

30 august 2017

All I do is test the feels.
Trying to update my template today.
Adding the backdrop too.

10 may 2017

Layout test! Round 3.

09 may 2017

Hello Tilde.Town World!