21 february 2017

day 1

i get panicky, okay. a fact of my life is that at least at point, ~joe, evangelist at tilde.town and all around cool person, will have a panic attack.

finally, after more than three months of not existing, not wanting for things to get better, the slightest hint comes through the aether that they actually might, and you have to wait at least three whole days for it.

three days!

too long for such good news.

you know who i miss? ~jumblesale. ~jumblesale is like cameron in that he can make me laugh. him and ~karlen did a podcast that was two hours long. on the way into work i listened to the whole thing, not necessarily rapt, but pleasantly amused.

at work there are 30-somethings who because of an overarching need to dress professionally (and because they're coders) will only dress in ralph lauren separates (i know b/c i like ralph lauren) and this year the pullover sweater with a zipper is a huge hit. like for example if you wear a plaid RL shirt with a pullover, this means people in the financial dep't will think you are some sort of sexy badass and that you cannot be fucked with. also that you are most likely gay, and if not gay, then a cat lover.

here is why i don't update my page too much: i am not so much busy as i am feeling uninspired. i want to include more on mysticism, on suffering, but i also worry that the greater demands for making people safe in a donald trump world have exhausted whatever good feelings i can offer as an artist. i am also producing a series of prints rn which require a lot of artistic energy. hopefully you'll get to see some of these prints soon.

things i currently like rn:

  1. the color blue (b/c i colored my hair blue in october and i miss it): blue roses, blue ribbons. the color blue on things like buttons.
  2. moonstone rings (and not the cheap cloudy moonstone).
  3. wearing all black for ensembles (although i was tempted to shop on ASOS and look for longline t-shirts in white that would offset my chub)
  4. butts (like most gay tops usually do)
  5. ~jumblesale (disclaimer: i have a huge aching bromance with jumblesale. we send each other long typed out emails. i have also sent him art in the past, and i should send more)
  6. the #resistance
  7. chili sauce chicken

i can't wait to get my phone turned back on so that i can spam the world with my bitmoji