07 march 2017

hetero people are fucking disgusting

so cameron said to me tonight, like right after i published the following blog "you are not coloring yr hair pink" and i was like OK.

this has been the first time in a long time i actually feel normal.

cam is buying me a bodybuilder pendant so that i can wear to the gym. he wants me to start taking pride in my body. i feel weird b/c i'm not where i want to be with my body just yet, but maybe to have it on me will confirm how serious i am about it.

starbucks fave drinks: -pink drink

bottom status: confirmed.

at some point i also want to have my hair the color of a pink drink.

i just realized that i don't have very good relationships with gay men, that for some strange reason I can't get along with them. I want to, but i also want to be sure i'm not gonna get made fun of for being fat or having the wrong shirt or whatever.

today the corita art center liked my drawing of corita kent on insta and i literally DIED.

also the arnold was great!≈