06 february 2018

I want you all to know I greatly appreciate your emails. I am scared and it's OK. I'm going to be okay, I promise.

I worked all day today and I actually survived. My boss was back having been refreshed and he was sunny and pleasant so we all had a wonderful time at work

Mike had another panic attack at work, texted me, said he was going home, went home, and now I am thinking he is hypomanic because his bipolar disorder is ramped up and the panic attacks are making it worse. I'm worried he's going to do something dangerous.

I'm really wanting to get out of my house right now >_<

omg bitmoji came out with an update and I can finally make myself look like the hot gay i've always wanted to lol

I love you all, I miss being on here. I promise once I figure out how to get my phone to work with ssh I can stop by and say hello.

I've been listening to alot of fado and playing Animal Crossing on my new DS. I have a lot of anxiety with this Mike situation, more than I can handle right now. I took three melatonin pills and prayed to Jesus to help us all. I specifically asked the Lord to help us, and I asked Him to forgive me for all my shortcomings, that may have gotten Mike into this situation. I just want him to be OK.