28 august 2018

things got bad super quick & i don't know what will happen next

i quit my job

i was being micromanaged & i wasn't happy--and it all more or less came while i was getting recognized for my work on the article for "The Believer"

the article was amazing btw

my ex's brother died in a car accident, then ~abraxas died and that was very sad.

i have now worn mourning for some thirteen days now.

i am relieved i don't have to work a desk job anymore, that i am a writer and that's how it should be, but it has been very hard this month and things are only going to get tougher.

of course no one cares or has any money, i'm always out of money

but i am confident things will pan out well like they always have. we can only be positive.

cuddling with riley seemed to help yesterday

doing cam shows for $$$ seems to be working albeit it's a very unusual way to make money

someone sent me a $5 bag of gummi bears

it's about 1/3 gone now