13 december 2018

Today was good. Woke up at like 15:30 for an exam at 16:30, teacher let us start early and I was done in 4 minutes. 92%, not too bad. Just been relaxing the rest of the day mainly, played some nazi zombies with my cousin which is always fun. Now I'm writing this while I'm on call with my girlfriend. Fun times.

11 december 2018

Today is going pretty good, got a bit of sleep which is nice, python test was over in 24 minutes. I was the first person out :). Picked up my cousin from school because he was sick, and drove around doing a couple errands here and there. Played some minecraft with my brother which was fun.

10 december 2018

Today has been meh. I've been a bit lazy on updating this (Over a month, eek) but school has really limited the amount of time I have sitting around to write this kind of stuff. Hopefully christmas break gives me a bit of a respite and I can get back to daily updates. Or a couple days a week at least. Almost done first semester of college, two tests and a final lab and I'm done. Stressing a bit about the lab but the tests shouldn't be bad. Recently found ミラクルミュージカル (Miracle Musical) and I've been playing their album on repeat for the last day or two. Also been listening to Alt-J a lot more recently, I just love their music so much. Bought a ring for my girlfriend that was supposed to be a surprise christmas present, and her mother told her what it was and apparently she doesn't like it. We had a talk about it, and I was trying not to make a big deal of it, but it really hurt my feelings. Still processing it, but when she told me I felt like someone was squeezing my stomach into a ball. We'll see how I feel about it in a few days, maybe I'll end up trying to talk to her about it again. Should try and get a couple hours of sleep, so that's all I'll say tonight.

05 november 2018

Today is going good. I managed to pull myself out of bed at 06:30 to eat breakfast and get to the college. I don't have classes until 11:30, but I came early to get a nice workout in. Second workout in half a year, the last one being only cardio because I was self-concious about using the machines. This time I just went ahead, despite my anxiety which is the best thing to do I think. A little rusty since I stopped playing hockey, that was my main source of cardio, but a little work and I think I'll be back on top of it.

24 october 2018

Today has been decent, woke up a bit later than I was meaning to but wasn't late for anything. I'm still a bit heartsick but feeling better, got a lot of my frustration and sadness out in a poem (which you can see on my poetry page). Was kind of hesitant to put it there because I was pretty raw when I wrote it, but I suppose there's something to be said for raw emotion in writing. Just finished math class, review for our test tomorrow. Have a nice couch in the library all to myself so I'm just relaxing for now.

09 october 2018

Today is going well, slept at my buddy's house last night, was up most of the night playing Stardew valley lol. He's completely hooked on the game now. Went to bed at a reasonable time and woke up at 6:30. Bowl of cereal for breakfast, and off to college. Just finished an OS/Lan Admin test which was pretty easy, mostly just questions about Windows 10 stuff. Now I'm just burning some time until my python class at 10:30. We're doing test review today I believe, so pretty boring stuff.

27 september 2018

Today is going good, woke up at the correct time, showered and made it to school for my web dev test. Got an A on it, which is nice. Sitting in a study room watching youtube and waiting for 11:30 so I can go to my next class. Fun times.

24 september 2018

Today was alright. Woke up to my snake's lights turning on, which I didn't mind. My friend bought be Payday 2 and I played it for like 9 hours, so that was most of my day. Then I made dinner, and now I'm trying to get https working with ingress. Almost got it, just have to fix some config stuff and it should work. Here's to hoping.

18 september 2018

Well, today has been going pretty poorly. Had a wonderful, wonderful weekend with the love of my life, lots of cuddles and a couple tears. Slept alone last night and it really sucks. Lost my wallet, which also really sucks. My girlfriend is going to the hospital right now because she's shaking and dry heaving, and might have appendicitus. All in all, not a very good day. Hopefully she's alright, and I find my wallet, and I feel less lonely.

05 september 2018

Today started good, my first class was at 13:30 so I got to sleep in until 10:30 which was nice. Got to the school about an hour and a half early so I wandered around aimlessly, and bought a pineapple orange smoothie. Only problem is their smoothie machine was broken, so I had to get a coffee, which burned my hands while I was carrying it up to my classroom. The math class wasn't too bad, it's only 50 minutes, and the first chapter is just high-school review so we were just rounding numbers. Now I'm sitting alone in a study room because I haven't made any friends yet :D. Have two hours to burn until my Technology in Society class, which I'm not super looking forward to because it sounds boring but we'll see how it goes.

04 september 2018

Nervous but really excited for orientation. Its probably going to be boring but hey, its a new chapter of my life or whatever :). Tried to stay up to fix my sleep schedule, but that didnt work out very well, stayed up for 20 hours and then crashed. Hopefully I can sleep a few hours and then be well rested for tomorrow. Birthday is coming up and my favorite person in the universe is coming to visit me, so Im really looking forward to that. Shes making me a pumpkin pie. Anyway, need to at least try to sleep Ill let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Update: orientation went really well, met a few people and am super looking forward to my first class tomorrow. I don't have class until 13:30, which is VERY nice and means I get to sleep in. Only thing I have to do tomorrow besides that is buy my books, which /hopefully/ won't be more than 400 dollars.

31 august 2018

Today is going well, was woken up at 2 pm to drive my stepfather to work, which I don't mind. Have mostly just been relaxing since. The headphones and cd player my grandmother asked me to order for her came in the mail today, so that's good. I was going to go get my parking pass for the college parking lot today but I didn't feel like going, so now I have to wait until Tuesday, since monday is labor day. Tuesday is also my orientation (!!!!) day, and then Wednesday is my start date. Still pretty anxious, but not as anxious as I was. Gonna see if my friend is around to mumble and watch some videos, so that's all for now

29 august 2018

Woke up good today, slept for a good 8 hours, even though I woke up halfway through because of a nightmare. Was at college, and somehow ended up falling off a cliff. It was weird. My dad is at work now, so I get the borrow the truck for the week. Going over to my friend's house today to help him make a forge. Also have some railroad spikes for him to use for blades and stuff. It'll be fun. That's all for now :)

28 august 2018

Woke up at 4 pm, which was to be expected. Didn't do a whole lot today, cut the grass for a family friend that's in the hospital with a brain bleed right now. Also get to use my dad's truck whenever he is at work, which is all the time because he drives for a transport company. Have to pay for gas though, which sucks but better than not having a vehicle. Gonna hopefully wake up a bit earlier today because there isn't long until college starts, and I'm gonna have to get up pretty early. That's all for me today, until tomorrow.

27 august 2018

Today was okay. My sleep schedule is completely out of whack, as shown by my posting this at 5:50 am. My dad's birthday was yesterday, but he just got home a few hours ago so I'm at his house. Gonna have a nice birthday dinner for him tomorrow. Super stressed about starting college in 9 days, but I'll get over it. Have an early orientation thing on the 30th, hopefully I'll meet some nice people. Not sure when I'm going to sleep, probably in an hour or two.