18 january 2018


let's see. I finally worked out which pharmacy I'm gonna get my hormones from now that it matters since I got kicked off my parents' insurance. almost out of Vyvanse but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it? that's not gonna be fun.

also, school's been out for two days in a row because it randomly got so cold that there's ice on the roads. rip. and both days they were originally just gonna delay it but then I found out they actually switched to full-on cancelling. so, semester's been Very Weird so far.


I made over $100 camming tonight! it's good to be back :') camming is, out of all the jobs I've had, legitimately both the one I've enjoyed the most and the one I've made the most money doing. I'm gonna try getting back into it, but it's gonna have to be sporadically because my grandma kinda hovers a little, heh.


I think I'm developing a crush on someone, FUCK


first calculus class today. I was late but only by a few minutes so I didn't really miss anything. I really like my professor! he's a grad student and seems super cool. after class I went to the math department office to actually have the meeting to talk about whether I'm ready to take calculus and the person I talked to seemed encouraged that I didn't feel completely lost on the first day. she also liked that I'm majoring in sociology and minoring in computer science. well, specifically, she seemed a little confused (understandably) when she asked what I'm majoring in and I said sociology (so why do I want to take calculus?) but then I explained that I'm minoring in computer science and she said that that's a good way to make myself marketable because there's not a lot of people in sociology with a computer science/math background. which is certainly a refreshing change from the usual "but what are you gonna doooooooo with a sociology degree? why don't you major in comp sci and minor in sociology?" also, apparently the guy teaching my class is well-respected in the math department as someone who's really good at helping people understand stuff, so that's good! today started off a little weird (I fucked around too much instead of actually getting ready and stuff) but I'm feeling good now :)


12 january 2018

setting up the feels engine :)

ugh, stayed up way too late again tonight :(

15:41: got advised today, and talked to the math department so it looks like I'm probably gonna be taking Calculus this semester? Nice