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creativity is the art of concealing your sources.
Coco Chanel1

This website consists of static html pages and css and is made with Hugo. The theme is based on Lanyon-Hugo by tummychow, a theme originally made for Jekyll by @mdo.

Perhaps the fonts look familiar to you, the headlines are in IBM PS/55 re. and the text bodies are ToshibaSat 8x14. The former is used by countless far-east assemblies as the standard latin-alphabet on product stickers and such and I have always wondered why they would use such a distinctive typeface. Turns out it is a 1987 standard charset from a japanese パーソナルシステム/55. The latter was the text mode charset on display in a very old monochrome toshiba satellite laptop I ran MSDOS on in my youth. The alternative command prompt look was modern and refreshing and I had just learned that there are more typefaces than the well-known IBM EGA 8x14 on some platforms.

If you dig it, start reminiscing with The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack by VileR.


Some fun facts about the setup of this website include:

* static html files from a tmpfs ramdisk

please do not break it.

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