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FahrArt bike repair at Haus der Materialisierung

Let me recommend the FahrArt bike repair service at Haus der Materialisierung. Like all the manifold interesting projects located at HdM near Alexanderplatz, their focus is on sustainability and their service is very affordable. They work with used and new bike parts and have very friendly conditions while delivering profound and professional work.

I would pop up spontaneously on a Wednesday evening while they have their open workshop and Max would install some new spare 7-shift shimano rear sprockets right away.

That made me feel happy.

The sprockets were saved from a bike shop clear-out as I had learned later and now experience new (heavy!) use ☺. I also had tons of questions about bikes and how to adjust all the components properly and everything was answered thoroughly and very friendly. So you can learn a lot there as well if you are interested. They also sell affordable used bikes in perfect condition and they will custom build one for you as well.

FahrArt is open Monday – Friday, 12 till late. In case you are planning to go there on a Wednesday and get your bike fixed, feel free to visit our freifunk hackspace and have a cold beverage with us.