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upgrade wifi on hp 17-bs notebook

The HP 17-BS XXXXX series is a widespread budget notebook line, it is somewhat affordable and has mediocre specs one can work with for every-day tasks, whatever that means.

Its build quality is on the lower edge with lotsa relatively thin plastic involved, but here is a video on how to carefully open the device without breaking it. Thanks, Christian. Cool dialect btw :)

Turns out it is relatively easy to swap the wifi card. This notebook sports only 1 antenna. The stock RTL8723BE performs absurdly poor with its 1x1 2.4 ghz stream. Better buy an RTL8821CE 802.11AC 1X1 Wi-Fi + BT 4.2 Combo on ebay or anywhere else for 6€, it is compatible and it is not block-listed efi-wise and delivers beyond stellar in comparison, given there is an 802.11ac access point around.