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This copyright madness can't continue. Github does not have a monopoly on youtube-dl source code, and go the RIAA does not have a monopoly on free speech.

If you care the slightest bit about Internet Freedom, please take 10 seconds to run the following command in your terminal:

git clone https://codeberg.org/polarisfm/youtube-dl

Even if you're not going to develop or distribute it, having the source with yourself means that the program will not disappear and it will become much harder to censor. You can take this one step further and redistribute it, either in clearnet or alternative networks, like in IPFS, where it's now available through this hash:


Do not let others take the freedom to share away from you. Do your part to keep the internet free.

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I'm loving to become a PeerTuber (is this even a thing yet? At any rate fuck youtube) and share some of my work regarding the Free Software community.

My next step is to become a persistent seeder of all of my works I upload there. To do so, I'll do it like this:

  1. Record the stuff the same way I do today (i.e. recordmydesktop etc)
  2. Upload and publish the episode in my instance (diode.zone).
  3. Delete my original file on my computer.
  4. Download my own video through torrent (essentially becoming my own seeder).
  5. Contribute to the persistence of the federation.

I wonder if other Peertubers do the same?

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This might be one of the coolest things ever: a terminal-based spreadsheet editor! As much as I hate excel and wish people knew that spreadsheets are for storing moderate ammounts of DATA, not making small operating systems, sometimes you need something a little better than a text editor.

This is where SC-IM comes in.

More statuses

Welcome to my part of Town!


I'm Klaus Zimmermann, the friendly hacker formerly very active on Quitter.se and GNUSocial in general. Although my social time has been diminishing quite a lot recently, I've discovered a new home (and an entire new world!) here in Tilde Town.

I'll share some of my thoughts, Linux and Infosec tutorials and other stuff here. Be sure to check back! I develop some scripts for fun and write python as a hobby, which I plan to share here as well. You can also look under /home/kzimmermann/ via ssh for more information.

Also, see my Random collection of thoughts. It's like a microblog, a twitter feed or something minus the tracking and bloat!

Elsewhere on the web

I used to have a Quitter.se account where I was quite active until about 2018 when it went under. I had alternative accounts named kzimmermann2 but kind of gave up when quitter went under.

I still have a Diaspora account where you can find a trove of my old posts, and currently I'm trying to revive the hacker social media spirit in my account in Mastodon (changed on October 8th 2020), though I'm still a little slow to get posting there again. Who knows, I might get back to it now that Tilde Town revived that spirit in me!

I hold a figurative account at Github, though my real software projects remain in the community-oriented Notabug.org. I feel I should mirror them back into Github for safety some time.


The best way to contact me is through my town email address. You can easily find me once you sign up for an account. There you can also request my PGP key so we can exchange internet-wide email or IM. DM me in mastodon as well, I always watching those.

If you Tox (which you should!), my ID is: 91B0216E0D873D163D125458E6EE1B3EA0BC80D3BA2B54452269BCD2DF80584D78F6CD29767D

In the meantime, check out some articles I wrote!

See you around!