04 june 2018


The first program created with tildecoin integration (using pcoin) is here. It's called chin, which is short for chinchirorin, a Japanese gambling game played with three six-sided dice in a small bowl. The rules of the game are not standardised, but the version we use has no dealer's advantage. Therefore, your chance of winning is the exact same as the dealer's chance of winning.

To play chinchirorin, simply type /home/login/bin/chin in the terminal prompt. This game involves betting tildecoin, so to make your tildecoin available to chin, you need to send some tildecoin to the program Chin. You can do so by entering tcoin send Chin in the terminal prompt. Don't worry, any tildecoin that you've sent to Chin can be got back from inside the chin program (unless you lose them in a gamble). Similarly, you can get more tildecoin back than you put in if you win more than you lose. All games that use pcoin will allow you to deposit and withdraw your coins with them.

I hope you enjoy this game very much, and I hope you'll like the other games with tildecoin integration that are still to come :)