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some discussions on IRC with netscape_navigator and al3x led me to test my ~page using two old devices I had immediate access to: a BlackBerry Curve 9320, that I still use daily as a backup alarm clock since my actual phone only rings half of the time and a PSP-3000 running the latest 6.60 firmware (or the 6.60 Pro-C2 custom firmware if I enable it).

Testing on the BlackBerry was quite uneventful, since this phone ran an old version of WebKit and could very well handle the rather basic site. But testing on the PSP has shown its load of issues!

Just before doing my tests, I had updated my site to validate with XHTML 1.0 Transitional. This clearly helped as most of my website was working—I had to update some links since HTTPS fails on almost every site on a PSP, but the site was overall usable.

However, testing for some other websites around the town has shown that there is very little compatibility with PSPs. Since I know how much townies love to play with esoteric or challenging development environments, and since I could not find any good documentation on how to write PSP-compatible websites, I started my own.

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various tips to easily make your site's HTML, CSS, JS, media and flash animations PSP-compatible:

some pics from browsing ~town on a PSP 3000

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relevant sites and projects

I am working on building offline copies of the Sony PSP websites to study them and see how Sony itself handled the PSP's browser. I already noted that they have a JS script that looks at the user agent and loads a pc.css stylesheet to add some styles when not using a PSP!

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there is a lot more work to be done. here are a few ideas and to-dos of my own—if you want to help, feel free to contact me or head over to the tildegit repo.