11 april 2019

it seems that an array starts at 0 everywhere, that's nice

honestly I don't know what to write, espetially in english. Let's say that I can speak english without ~issues, but I alwas have the feeling that what I'm writing is false and doesn't say anything. The worst part is the oral, even in French I have problems with speaking sometimes, in English I just can't say anything correctly. I panic and say ~anything, except what I should say. :D The worst part is that I ~like to talk to people, but it's so hard sometimes, even if the magic "mute" button exists on the internet. But what if you mix everything and must present something in group and in english? yeah let's say that's not easy, even if I prepare everything.

Anyway, writing (like this text) can be hard too, but it's waaaaaaaaay easier than oral.

wait, wasn't I saying that I don't know what to write like 5 lines before? Oh let's say that doesn't count.

The purpose of this blog? Hmm... Just a bunch of stuff, ideally in english, than I don't feel "okay" to post anywhere else (too "private" for twitter, too personal sur my other blog or even just people/friends, I wouldn't want to annoy them with random personal stuff) Sometimes you're more comfy to write about random things in your life in Vim than to tell someone, just because you know that Vim won't say "ok but I don't care" (nobody will ever say that, but as it doesn't concern them, it's logic to don't really "care"). I'm a confused sometimes. :D

I'm a bit depressed thoses times, that's like 2 years now. That's quit uncomfortable but eh, when you're 15, you can't do a lot of thing. At least holyday are in ~one week, so it's still better than nothing.

Just realized that I wrote that without verifying if it was correct, so I may be doing enormous typos and faults but eh, at least I can write that.