26 may 2019

so yeah, i'm 16 years old today

don't have that much to say honestly ahah

exept that moment when you want to say something, so you write it... to erase it, to reformulate it, and re-erase it again, to reformulate it again, and again... At the end, jut giving up and not saying anything. just wanted to write it somewhere

as always, the advantage of just writing text on a keyboard instead of talking to someone is that the computer will not try to find a "solution" for your issues/talk to someone else about it.

two and a half weeks before vacations, finally... but to be honest, sometimes I just prefer to be in class, just because it's less boring (unless it's french, don't speak to me about that)i that last line seems to clunky, i dunno if i should remove it or not, but i'll guess i already reformulated it enough time

the fact that i don't have much to say is quite good: i'm not that depressed right now, so let 's hope it stays that way (spoiler: it won't) sorry if i just write random nonsense stuff, it's like 2 AM now and i clearly lack some sleep, thanks insomnia

Ace attorney games are excellent BTW, the trilogy kept me busy for a few weaks

that'll be enough for today, time to sleep, I guess